…And Again.

So…I got a different job. And moved again. I’m now back in my hometown, which is lovely. However, I don’t have internet in my apartment, which has both advantages and disadvantages.

I think I’m going to change directions with this site again. Since I don’t remember to hop on regularly to update tips for other writers and editors out there, I might turn this into a book reviews site, now that I don’t lose entire evenings at home to Facebook and Pinterest. So if you are a publisher or author, and you have a book coming out soon for which you need reviews, and you have miraculously found this blog, please feel free to check out other Book Reviews I’ve done, and then Contact me!

Also, please know that I will insist on keeping the rights to my reviews so that I can also publish them in my hometown newspaper (where I now work), but I will not charge anything for the review itself. Just send me a copy of the book!

That’s all for now!


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