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Like how I was all, “Oh, I’m gonna show people my real turnaround time!” and then I dropped off the face of the earth for a month? Part of that is because I’ve gotten more responsibilities from my full-time job, and part is I’m not supposed to read review books there (which is silly, because my reviews get published through them, too). But anyway…I finally managed to get one of the many waiting on me done! Here’s my review for Alliteration Ink’s Net Impact!

Donald J. Bingle‘s Net Impact from Alliteration Ink is a wildly intense, fast-paced, and smart read, filled with action and suspense from beginning to end. Spy Dick Thornby works for an association called the Subsidiary, which orders him to retrieved leaked blueprints for a new military UAV. When things go horribly wrong during what should have been a simple interception, Dick begins to suspect that this whole thing is a lot bigger than just stolen plans. Meanwhile, as his family falls apart because of his frequent “business trips,” his son Seth gets too deep into videogames, causing real-life trouble for himself and his best friend.

Honestly, Net Impact is hardly the kind of book I would pick up normally. However, I have absolutely no regrets about the hours invested reading this gem! Bingle didn’t go the Hollywood route of hiding illogical concepts under explosions and rampant sex. His ideas actually make sense, so his story will suck you in and make you think. There’s also fun little word plays throughout the book that don’t interrupt it at all—in fact, I didn’t notice one of them until I was over halfway through it! But he doesn’t get so lost in his ideas that he forgets to make the story relatable; Dick’s struggles with his family and his job are real. My one critique is that sometimes Bingle got a little caught up in description, but it wasn’t a huge problem.

Donald J. Bingle is, in a word, brilliant. Before this book, I’d never even heard of him, but I’m definitely a fan now. He’s one to watch; he’s going places in the sci-fi world!

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  1. Thanks, Rebekah. So glad you liked my book. With praise like that, I’m more than happy to send you a review copy of any of my stuff. Take a look at my website and let me know what strikes your fancy.

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