So…I started this website a while ago. And…I haven’t really updated it since then, partially because shortly after its cyber-birth, I got a job and ended up moving. And then I kept forgetting to do anything with this! However, I am finally all settled in, one of my two cats is in my lap, and a dear friend of mine reminded me that even people with full-time jobs can freelance on the side. I’m thinking that I’m going to start a “Samples” page, just so everyone can see the kind of writing I do. That’s next on my to-do list for this site. I also think I’m going to start using this blog to post writing and editing tips that I have picked up and continue to pick up. I’ll introduce you to resources that have helped me along the way and continue to teach me. I also hope to begin attending conferences and such, and I’ll post about those, too. I can’t promise that I’ll post super-regularly, especially as I’m partially doing this just to get back into the practice and discipline of writing, but hopefully it won’t be five months before my next post again! Thanks for reading, and please do comment. I love hearing what people think!

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