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So, as I mentioned in my last post, I’m going to turn this primarily into a review blog. It should be a good reference point for anyone who’s into reading, whether you agree with my assessments or not. If I hated something, those of you who disagree with my opinions will know to go out and buy the book.

Anyway, I talked to Gabrielle Harbowy of Dragon Moon Press to ask if she was interested in letting me review some books for her, and bless her heart, she sent me two anthologies immediately, AND told me how to talk other publishers into sending me free books, too. Seriously, it is awesome to find sweet and generous people like her. I haven’t gotten to the second anthology yet, but here’s my review for the first.

We read the heroes’ stories all the time. We watch them gather their courage, step into a role that only they can fill for whatever reason fits the story, and then conquer a seemingly unconquerable foe. We cheer them on as they manage to overcome overwhelming odds by the skin of their teeth. And then we leave them gasping on their mound of triumph, sure that everything will be fine.

Dragon Moon Press has put together an anthology of 19 fantasy and/or science fiction short stories that speculate on happens When the Hero Comes Home and tries to fit back into his old life or tries to find his place in a world changed by the war he just won. Some are light and funny, some gruesome and hideous, and some beautiful and heartbreaking. There are even some that manage to combine all of the above.

Overall, this was an absolutely excellent read. There was one story that I would have left out altogether, but I was otherwise pleased with this collection. The authors were fresh and original, even when the settings of some of the stories were not. There were monsters aplenty, some new, and some familiar. The main characters were all interesting and endearing, and I found myself caring about them whether I could personally relate to them or not. Each author had a positively captivating voice, and I had a lot of trouble putting it down. If you’re looking for a fun read that will stretch your imagination, this is it.

Parent Warning: There is some sexual content, as well as some disturbing mental images in these stories. I would NOT recommend it for someone under the age of 16, and I would really encourage more adults than children to read this, due to the above content, as well as some ideas and writing styles that would probably be over most children’s comprehension level. This is mature reading.

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  1. Cindy says:

    Sounds like interesting reading. I like short stories with twists.

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